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    The miscellaneous files on my galaxy s5 are the bane of my cellular existence. Almost 7GB being used up "miscellaneously" and by far using the majority of my phone's 16 GB memory space. I have transferred 90% of photos and music to and SD card (and I'm VERY angry to say about 50 videos got deleted when I believed to have safely transferred video file from internal memory to SD... Very.Angry.) I'm unable update certain apps or install new ones because of this memory issue. This issue is the absolute worst feature of the Samsung phone. It's impossible to safely delete because nearly all files are named with some cryptic name and gives you no clue as to what you'd be deleting. I find myself wondering if I need to switch to an iPhone (shudder!) I am reluctant to transfer any more files to the SD because of what happened to the videos (have I mentioned how pissed I am about that?) here's the breakdown:
    Apps: 6.02 GB
    Pictures: 279 mb
    Audio: 257 mb
    Downloads: 27.39 mb
    Misc. files: 6.63GB
    Available space: 472 mb
    -I clear my cache out frequently to save space.
    I know I can get about 4gb back by using the SD but what if they get deleted like the videos? Also, I heard that the s6 is a closed memory system (like the iPhone) and does not accept an external SD memory card. So what happens when I need to upgrade my phone?
    11-05-2015 10:32 AM
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    Hi, welcome to the forums! If you tap on miscellaneous files, can you get a detailed list of what's included there? In some phones the system files are included there and there's no much you can do about that. It seems that 16gb of storage is not enough for your needs. You could try deleting some apps that you don't need, if any, to gain some of those 6gb that they take.

    Take a look at this guide about how to deal with storage problems.

    [GUIDE] Android Memory and How to Deal with Low Memory Warnings
    11-05-2015 10:49 AM

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