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    I've got a 3rd party TTS app from Cereproc (Caitlin) that used to work brilliantly with my GS4. For reasons still mysterious to me however, Sprint forced an 'upgrade' to the GS5 in order to lower my monthly bill. Yet after the switch to the 'newer and better' device, it seems much of the functionality of the older model was lost outright.

    In short, this TTS app used to work reading SMS and emails, and also in Google's Maps/Navigation app. Now, nothing.

    What changed? I've gone into: Settings>Language and input> Text-to-speech options - and selected the 'Caitlin TTS' option.

    But it now works for nothing except going into the app itself, and typing a short message for it to read back directly. But it seems it now doesn't integrate with anything else.

    Any guesses?
    11-05-2015 11:46 AM

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