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    I'm nowhere close to an electronics expert but.....

    Niece's Galaxy Note 10.1 GT8010 doesn't start up any more, and she
    gave it to me to see if I could figure it out. She basically just wants it to
    run long enough to get her pictures + stuff out of the built-in SSD drive.

    She said she already took it to one of those "we can fix it" kiosks, and they
    said the battery was okay, but the connector was "fried". They might have
    tried to fix that, as I can see a tiny blob of solder on two of the connector
    wires; the outer red + blacks in the 5-wire group. Other than that it looks fine.

    With the battery unplugged, I get continuity between the two blacks, between
    the two reds, and between either black and the center blue.

    Based on the many "won't charge" threads, I charged the battery with it removed,
    using jumpers and a low-amp universal charger, monitoringthe voltage for the
    tell-tale "feedback" rise that says "I'm full").It started at 3.78 off-charger, and ended
    at 4.15 with a nice long "saturation" phase. PS: the battery has "3.7v" AND "4.2v"
    printed among the Chinese lettering. Nominal and max charge?

    Either red to either black: 4.15v
    Either red to blue: 4.15v
    Either black to blue: 0v

    The confusing part:
    Plugged into the motherboard, all 4.15's drop to 0.685

    I was thinking either:

    1 - Battery has no capacity, and any load sucks it down.
    However, it easily powered a few small car light bulbs without dropping much,
    and still read 4.15 once the bulbs were removed.

    2 - Dead short in the Motherboard killing the battery.
    It arrived here at 3.78v, after being stored in its box for a few weeks.
    A short should have killed it completely.

    3 - Blue wire gets feedback from the motherboard, to mostly "turn off"
    the battery feed once plugged in, *unless* the system wants power, then
    it allows full flow.

    4 - Power button may be broken, not telling the system to turn on.
    I need to find a pinout to see which teensy-weensy-itty-bittyterminals to
    short to simulate the button. I'd need to pull it all apart (again) to get the
    power/volume buttons out.

    5 - The motherboard is infected with nanites that escaped from the
    Enterprise (Evolution: Star Trek TNG) and are feeding on the energy
    so they can replicate and take over the universe.

    6 - Hey, you're the experts. You tell me!
    12-27-2015 07:27 PM

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