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    Basically my android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (current software is on 4.2.2) is being weird... The bottom part of the screen where the functions for back, home and split-screens don't show but just shows a black block. My tablet is zoomed in and I checked if the magnification gesture is on or anything that'll make it zoom in is on but it wasn't. After I rooted my phone i downloaded some apps that require root and I gave root permission but then i started to use some apps and rebooted my phone all of a sudden this happens. My font is big, screen isn't how it was before it looks like it's been zoomed in... When i try to go to the home screen it says 'Unfortunately, Touchwiz Home has stopped' and when I try to use my keyboard for example filling in a password for the WiFi it says 'Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped' . I have factory reset my tablet and the same thing is happening still. Someone please help me this is really frustrating.
    01-02-2016 03:06 PM

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