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    Hello guys!

    Its kind of my first time coming here and I've seen a lot of people getting helped, and I really hope you guys can help me as well!

    So my cousin has a Nexus 5, and it's one year old. He didn't have a problem with it till now, when, it suddenly shut off and when he tried to turn it on, it would show a theme that he never saw before. It didn't look like the start-up screen you see in a nexus 5. It would have 4 colours lined up horizontally and and it would stay like that forever. I thought it became bricked, and so I used a 4.4.2 flash image and tried it like that, but it said it needed the boot-loader to be unlocked. So I unlocked the boot-loader, and when I tried the test again, the boot-loader went back to locked. I didn't understand how that happened and I tried doing it again and again, and the boot-loader would tell me it's unlocked, and when I try to flash the 4.4.2 image, it would say the device is locked. I'm not a big tech guy, so I don't honestly know what to do!

    Thank you for taking your time to read what I typed, So I hope you can help me fix this solution!!!!
    01-02-2016 03:27 PM

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