1. AC Question's Avatar
    If I need to use the keypad after a call has connected, such as for "press one for English" type of usage, the keypad often disappears quickly without even enough time to press that number. This problem started just recently and is intermittent.

    Thank you for assistance.
    01-07-2016 11:08 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I would try to clear cache and app data on the phone app
    01-08-2016 09:14 AM
  3. greenbergman's Avatar
    Thanks dpam00. I've cleared the cache and now have to wait, because the problem is intermittent, to see if that solved it.
    01-08-2016 10:32 AM
  4. greenbergman's Avatar
    following up: clearing the cache didn't solve the problem. Does anyone have other suggestions?
    01-14-2016 10:49 AM
  5. greenbergman's Avatar
    An update: it seems to happen if I tilt the phone slightly and not when I hold it steady.
    01-19-2016 11:24 AM
  6. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Sounds like it's just the proximity sensor that's making the screen turn off when your hand gets near. Just push the power key to turn the screen off then again to make it come back on. This will keep the proximity sensor from Turing the screen off.
    01-19-2016 12:22 PM

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