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    Hi everyone,

    No matter what I do the WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy S6 does not work with certain apps and processes. It seems to be connected with Google- such as, pictures on the Play Store will not load, YouTube videos constantly are loading but never play and certain games think I am not connected to the internet at all. Things like web browsing and google search work fine however, but streaming is incredibly slow. This ONLY happens with my AT&T WiFi at home- WiFi in other locations works just fine. My WiFi signal is full strength at home. I constantly have to use my data services (T-Mobile) and everything works great then.

    Here is what I already tried:
    1. Changing my DNS settings to Google Server
    2. Clear app data and caches
    3. Uninstalling and reinstalling the apps
    4. Complete factory reset of the device

    When I was resetting my device, I knew the WiFi still wasn't working because when it tried to connect to my google account only and not my Samsung account (again- google seems to be where the problem happens) it was stuck at "getting info". But when I switched to data it worked.

    I'm not sure how to diagnose problems with my router involving my phone (like sending pings and such). This is getting really frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
    01-10-2016 07:42 AM

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