1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi all. I am looking to pick up a new android cell phone and particularly something with a bigger display. I have been debating between the Nexus 6, Huawei 2 and 7, but also considered the new moto x pure edition phone. I am looking for a worthwhile upgrade and something future proof in a sense, as I tend to not upgrade annually like a lot of others. I am willing to consider anything else, if recommended, although I realize this is the NEXUS 6 forum. Please be as non biased as possible.
    01-28-2016 07:12 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Nexus 6 is a good choice as it would be updated for a while and pretty regularly goes on sale for $250. I have the s3 and nexus 6 and the nexus 6 is a major upgrade over the s3.
    01-28-2016 07:34 PM
  3. matacka's Avatar
    Thank you for the hasty reply! I am glad to hear that it is a massive upgrade as I have really been eyeing this thing! Where would you say it goes on sale the most at? Because I am currently thinking of purchasing it NEW on amazon in the US for $349.99. Is there better outlets here for unlocked phones as I am from Canada or should I just get it from the Motorola website? Also, would you consider the MOTO X pure a better purchase? The customizing on their site and the camera is really awesome, So I hear.

    Thanks again!
    01-28-2016 07:40 PM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    If you want the nexus 6, set up a deal alert on slickdeals.net, it has dropped to $250 multiple times in the past few months. Amazon seems to be the most popular place. Mxpe is a good choice as well but even on sale would be substantially more than th he nexus 6 on sale
    01-28-2016 08:39 PM
  5. hell911's Avatar
    01-28-2016 08:45 PM
  6. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Yes, you would be seeing a great upgrade going to the N6 coming from a S3.
    01-28-2016 09:00 PM
  7. HAWK's Avatar
    What about the s6 or s7 (coming next month)
    01-28-2016 09:13 PM
  8. matacka's Avatar
    Unfortunately I most likely will not be down in the states until Valentines Day. And for whatever reason, I'm still hesitant to jump on board with the Nexus 6. Perhaps I'll wait for more people to sway me haha. Moto x pure is still looking enticing as well.

    PS. I am also on a budget, and not willing to spend more than $350+ tax usd for an unlocked phone,
    01-28-2016 10:10 PM

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