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    I have a Note 4, however, my 1 year old son recently smashed the screen (both) and I am unable to use it. In the mean time I went back to an old phone to use while my Note 4 gets fixed. However, when I set up my lock screen, (as to avoid anymore random calls to my friends from my son, or things being randomly deleted while he has my phone unlocked) with a pin number to keep him out of it, I have actually forgotten what I set it as and in all irony have kept MYSELF out of my own phone instead of my son.
    I have done a lot of reading on different forums, asked friends, been inside AT&T, everyone says you'll have to find a way online. But it seems every way that I have tried online results in a factory reset. Normally I wouldn't mind with a phone that I don't use anyway, however this phone has pictures and videos of my son that I cannot stand to lose.
    I am wondering if there is anyway possible I am able to do a back up of my Note 2 onto my Mac without knowing the lock screen pin...
    I'm also wondering why people are saying after entering in an incorrect pin enough times it will prompt you with "forgot password" and mine does not do that. I have no idea which android system it is currently running, or maybe if thats why it hasn't been as simple for me.
    I have also tried accessing my Google Account, I did the whole "Lock" your phone with a temporary password etc...... that didn't work either.
    Someone PLEASE HELP!!!
    01-29-2016 04:02 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Have you tried Android Device Manager? (Only the first attempt will change the password, so make it something simple, write it down, unlock the phone, then change it on the phone.)
    01-29-2016 02:30 PM

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