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    Hello there, I'm having a issue that keeps bothering me when I use my android phone.
    Whenever I turn on the Wifi, noting that this is the only way I actually connect to the internet using the phone, the messenger app starts popping up with every single message that is 'new" since the last time I activated the phone's connection to the internet, regardless of me seeing those messages on the pc (and actually responding to them).

    This cause my phone to vibrate out of control for a few moments until every single message is shown, new or not. Depending on the amount of messages I have in the chat, this can go on for a while.

    The problem is that this doesn't happen in one go. It shows me a few messages, then while I'm watching a video or doing another thing, it keeps popping messages from the same conversations that I already saw when it first notified me.
    Example: It shows me some messages from a given conversation, then a few moments later it either shows older messages or new ones from that same conversation, and this can go on for a while.

    Sometimes this happens with the facebook app as well. It shows some notifications that I'v already seen/responded to, which can be annoying.

    I'm using android lollipop and latest version of both apps
    02-02-2016 06:00 PM

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