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    I have searched and not found an answer to this question, but I have developed a work-around.

    I don't know if this is a Samsung specific problem, because I don't know who's Calendar app is the default on the Samsung Note 5. I have the calendar synced with my Corporate e-mail account. My company uses Microsoft ActiveSync to connect to our Exchange Server.

    One day, I noticed I had at least three duplicate copies of each task on my phone. However, when I went to Outlook, there was only one copy. If I edited a task on the PC and saved it, especially if I gave it a new name, it might create yet another copy, and I'd still have three copies under the original name. Opening each copy, I could not see any difference between them, and they were all marked as being from my Corporate e-mail account, rather than one being Samsung, one being Google, etc.

    So, on my desktop, I started with an empty Deleted Items folder, then decided to delete three of my duplicate tasks. Strangely, in Deleted Items, I saw (usually) one copy of the original task, but then two other, random tasks, usually some older completed task that I would want to keep. I could highlight those items and move them back to Tasks, and after a sync, I had only one copy of the task in question.

    So, I cautiously applied this "fix" for the problem:

    First, use Outlook to export a copy of your entire Tasks folder to an external .pst file in case what happens next goes horribly wrong. (It's also helpful if you do regular backups of your whole system. In my case, I knew I could unwrap a brand new drive and be back to where I was at 2:00 AM this morning.)

    So, now that I'm comfortable with my backups, I went to the phone, selected all tasks, and hit Delete.

    Next, I went into ActiveSync (Under Settings, Accounts) on the phone, and hit "More", then "Sync Now".

    Back on the laptop, I waited for the Deleted Items folder to fill up, and my Tasks folder to empty out.

    Now, select all files (Control-A), then right click, and move to the Tasks folder.

    Boom! You're back in business with only one copy of each task, and (hopefully) no or very little corruption! If anything seems amiss, you still have your archive folder with the original copies of anything you need to recover.

    Back to ActiveSync on the phone, and Sync All again.

    The phone now looks normal.

    I hope this helps anyone facing this same issue.

    It's very hard to Google common words like Tasks, which have two meanings. Hopefully someone in need can find this article with "Calendar Tasks", "Outlook Tasks", or "To Do Lists".
    02-13-2016 03:44 PM

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