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    I'm trying to use my android as an RF Gun in a warehouse. I don't scan anything in, I log in to the mobile device portal using Chrome speak the 7 digit item number to the item number field. The problem is Android thinks every flipping number I read is a phone number so it automatically adds a "-" hyphen to the number. This totally renders the device worthless to use in this manner.

    I checked the Spartan settings but there was nothing there. Maybe the US English dictionary controls the number formatting like for phone numbers, 3-3-4. It just so happens The item numbers for the products areo seven digits long. So I thought I would get creative and add a digit to the end of the number breaking up the phone number format. However, Android insist on changing that last number somehow so it can enforce the 3-4 number format. For example, it will take that last digit I speak and turn it into a Nth i.e. 4th, 7th, d2nd or it will spell the word out. It actually seems like it will do everything possible to keep from not using that flipping hyphen. Is there a setting that I'm missing? I was excited to use my tablet in this manner and save my client from having to buy an RF gun.
    03-09-2016 07:21 AM

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