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    Hello everyone
    I really like my Nexus 6P, but the phone part has stopped working, so I hope there is someone here on the thread that can help with my problem.

    I bought the phone in December 2015. I got a subscription with Danish provider Telmore. It worked fine.

    I then switched to a subscription at another Danish provider named CBB.
    However, after having placed CBB's SIM card in my Nexus 6P, and keyed in the PIN code the phone simply says "no coverage".

    I have another phone when the SIM card from CBB works fine.

    Despite this, I still got a replacement SIM card from CBB. This did no difference: still ”no coverage”.

    I have contacted Huawei support. They were not much help – they only advice was: Run the factory-reset.

    Well, I did the factory reset on my Nexus 6P - is still "no coverage".

    What is mysterious is that my provider CBB can see that the SIM card is on the network, but I still get no signal.

    When I go into Settings under Mobile Networks and Network operators I get an error message similar to "An error occurred while searching for networks."
    when selecting "Search for network".

    If I choose "Automatically select preferred network", then the message "Registered on network." is shown.

    And I'm the (registered on the network) for my operator CBB can see me.
    But the phone still says "no coverage".

    If I try to call a number from the phone says "Turn off airplane mode to make a call." But Airplane mode is NOT turned on.

    I have tried going into the Tester menu by typing *#*#4636#*#* from phone dialer. Under Network type there a button saying ”Turn Radio on”.
    However, pushing this button gives no result. Other buttons on the Test menu can be toggled, but there is no way to turn the radio on here.

    Is there anyone who can suggest some exotic settings, etc. I can turn to?

    I do not very much like having to do without the phone for 3-4 weeks, which is the time the support informs me it will take to send it to service

    Really hope that there is someone here who can help. Any tips appreciated
    Regards. Søren P
    03-16-2016 03:18 AM

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