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    Here's the deal. Yesterday I did a restore of my galaxy s3. The previous configuration was rooted. I restored the device because it was laggy and just bogged down.

    After restoring, I cleared the cache in the recovery partition for performance purposes.

    After installing Snapchat in the new installation, I am unable to login. This is apparently due to Android sync not working.

    So I found out my sync is not working at all on ANY DEVICE. my data will sync but eventually give an error.

    This is apparent on my.galaxy and Nexus 7 wifi.

    This is annoying as hell. Can someone help me please.

    P.s. I have literally tried everything you will likely recommend including removing contacts cache, restarting the device, turning data on/off, removing and reading the accounts.

    This is bs.
    03-20-2016 03:35 PM

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