1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi, so I have the new S7 edge, and have this issue. Some of my apps say that there is no network connection or cannot detect a proper connection however other apps are working, wifi is working fine, so is mobile data. I tried to uninstall in reinstall the apps to see if it would fix it, and it did for about 10 seconds, then reverted back to no network or internet connection. The Yahoo! News feed on the Edge Panel also says network not available... Is there a fix for this? Or does Android commonly use the public to test out their software b/c/ they obviously don't test these phones themselves before releasing them otherwise there would be bugs pre-packaged into the phone... I really don't want to hear you say "factory reset" when I just opened this phone 3 days ago... If you say that to me... lol... I don't understand what Android is thinking... but I'm definitely moving back to Iphone 7 when it comes out... how could a new phone already come packed full of bugs???
    03-20-2016 05:06 PM
  2. Spencnerd's Avatar
    I think you have to turn off power savings mode, I had similar issues and this seemed to fix them including fixing milk music from stopping every thirty seconds.
    03-22-2016 11:41 PM
  3. Jessica DeLeo's Avatar
    That worked!! Thanks so much!
    05-06-2016 09:47 AM
  4. Michael Opheim's Avatar
    thanks for the hint
    07-29-2016 01:28 AM
  5. dragoan's Avatar
    I am having the same problem now I noticed. Mine just applies to the S6 edge side screen. It was working before for all my feeds and now doesn't and says "Network not available". Tried turning off power save did nothing. So annoying.
    09-07-2016 02:14 PM
  6. Ezequiel Mejia's Avatar
    If you wanna keep it working without having to turn off power saver just go to ( >settings >data usage >data saver >allow app while data saver on) from there look for your apps in this case yahoo news or whatever, (I did the same thing with sports and it works even while data saver is on and from the edge panel
    12-14-2017 12:21 PM

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