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    hello everyone,
    this is my first question . I have got one problem on my android (galaxy pocket GT-S5300).
    Suddenly my mobile's internal (SD and system) memory has became right protected.i tried to flash my phone.after flashing with original ROM files odin says successful . But after restart my phone its remain same situation.nothing works,i cant install and uninstall any apps.If i go for delete/uninstall apps (example: whatsapp) my mobile take automatic restart by its self and after system apps such as phone book,gallery,map all built in apps showing force closed.Phone memory cant contain anything new and cant delete anything.
    i tried to restore rom via CWM recovery from External memory card which i have taken back up before,when restoring CWM says 'error restoring'
    Ultimately System memory and internal memory has became right protected maybe.
    I tried to format internal memory by pc and format successfully done but when i remove USB cable from pc and check memory again i see nothing was format and remain same space.
    what to do?
    03-26-2016 02:16 AM

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