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    It started back in February of this year. I got a long religious text with tons of hashtags from someone I didn't know. I thought maybe it was my aunt and asked who it was. Never got an answer so I deleted it. Since then I have had 8 different numbers text me random stuff. In fact, I have received 3 today so far and I'm sure I'll get more. The messages are sometimes vulgar and rude. Two told me to watch my husband or he'll leave me. One was angry accusing me of poking holes in a condom and trying to trap someone. That one used dirty words. The 3 today have been mixed. One said to talk about this person to their face and not behind their back and was going to kick my teeth in. Another basically called me fat but said it was ok because then I couldn't get kidnapped. And the last one said something about me being a whined and they would be the innocent bystander. Idk. I have never responded to any of these texts except the first one when I thought it could be aunt. Each time I get one of these texts I register as spam in my text options. There's no point in trying to add to my contacts to block since the area code and number change every time.

    I don't have any outstanding feuds with anyone and have never done anything to make someone I know mess with me like this. I've called my provider and they don't know of anything like this and suggested I change my number. I've had this number since I was 16 and I'm 33 now. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge which I've had for a few months no. I've always had a galaxy. Never an iPhone.

    Please help. This getting annoying and out of control. Thanks.
    03-26-2016 03:40 PM
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    It sounds like someone is messing with you. Why I don't know. It's possible they have the wrong number. It could be one person using burner number apps to make you miserable. Sometimes change is good. I would change my number.
    03-29-2016 07:47 AM
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    I get odd random on occasion too. I just don't open messages from numbers that I don't know. That may not be feasible for everyone but it works for me since I have the phone set where the beginning of the txt is visible and runs like a banner accross the top of my screen. It's easier to ignore that way.
    As for having no enemies....
    I don't want to alarm you. However, a harassment situation need not make sense, stalking is done by people who are not right.
    I went through an amicable breakup. Me & the ex were fine. His new gf, however, became very jealous. Not realising they were doing it (bc they didn't know her) they would say "OmG, you two broke up? You were the best couple ever, everyone loves you guys, you're the perfect couple".....right in front of her! Then, as she became more of an asshat, people did it on purpose, saying things like "I wish you were still with ______, she was great, she wasn't a *****, we all miss her, dude, you messed up!"
    I knew none of this until after. She stalked me for about a year, and I did nothing to cause it. And I part of a very big fellowship and am well liked &respected. Which only made her hate me more. She'd threaten to burn my house down while I slept. She'd use a blocked number, but then say it was her. She'd use her own number & pretend to be someone else.
    This is long, and may seem unrelated, but I wanted you to know it bc it was completely out of the blue, undeserved & uncalled for. Logic dosent apply to the mentally ill. Just saying.

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    03-29-2016 08:52 AM

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