02-25-2019 11:30 PM
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  1. Mimiepurr's Avatar
    Yes i cant sing at smule too. Some parts receive some not. Annoying. Pls help.
    06-06-2017 11:18 PM
  2. Michael David Liles's Avatar
    I'm haveing the same problem, I just got a new phone a LG Aristo, and now every time I join an OC or record my own it comes back all static, can barely hear me. I contacted Smile Support I reinstalled the app, cleaned all ports, Sam problem. I too them it still does the Samething I sent them a song I posted, so they can hear what it sounds like. I even went to MetroPCS and asks them to check my mic. But its OK it works for everything else but Smile so it has to be the app. Since a lot of others are having the same trouble hope they Smile Support can fix this bug. Miss singing
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    08-01-2017 12:50 PM
  3. ronryanlaw's Avatar
    Same thing. As far as I can tell, with Androids you cannot hear yourself sing through the headset in Smule, or with anything else. So when I sing, I have to put earbuds half in and half out, or only in one ear. It records fine! But I WANT TO HEAR MYSELF WITH THE MUSIC IN REAL TIME while singing through the earbuds. C'mon Samsung and Android! Come up with a patch to make the microphone heard through headset in real time!
    08-23-2017 05:41 PM
  4. Jonzeeee's Avatar
    Yes smule is the most entertaining app but also the worst app ever for android users! And its obvious smule doesn't give 2 craps about half of the users it has! Issues with saving recordings and not recording at all always arise after an update which seemed to happen twice a week! So I'll just move down to a different karaoke app it's not worth my time
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    09-01-2017 01:54 AM
  5. Wils aja cukup's Avatar
    Many people have same issue,
    Maybe you can try this for solution:

    This step for android already has root and have permission to change your file (super user)

    #Using root explorer
    #Open folder file "system"
    #Edit file "build.prop" like this
    (must r/o or super user active)
    Ex. For sams*ng:

    This mean you can change your product model as register before and support for ex. Smule app.
    For another brand a haven't try maybe you can try and find your model that can support before.
    This step your own responsibility.
    I have try at my sams*ng j7 and working normally.

    09-12-2017 12:34 PM
  6. Jenkittykat's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same issue. I went to YouTube, and an administrator made a Mic help video, where at the end she says that android users are reporting issues, so it's not just us. I tried 6 different headphones before I discovered this.

    10-23-2017 12:33 PM
  7. Jenkittykat's Avatar
    Could you let me know if you find a similar app that's android friendly? I'm terribly disappointed. I loved the app when it worked. I sure am glad that I only purchased a month before I discovered the issue.
    10-23-2017 12:35 PM
  8. A Village Voice's Avatar
    Turn off your google assistant and try again
    11-20-2017 05:55 AM
  9. reeuh1979's Avatar
    Answer: go to SETTINGS-APPLICATION-APPLICATION MANAGER-SMULE. Now look for CLEAR DATA press then log in again thats it, it works with mine, hope it works with you all thanks. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    01-30-2018 03:40 AM
  10. Armysh0t's Avatar
    It's not just smule. It's karaoke apps. Tried another karaoke app, Star Maker, same thing. Android has issues with karaoke apps. Works fine with other voice recording apps, appears to be something in karaoke apps that make the mics not record properly
    03-11-2018 04:17 PM
  11. muhammad izuan ismail's Avatar
    Hi guys . i have using many Android phone like samsung sony htc and nexus. But for apps smule mic will work only on Google phone like nexus. Because i have using 6p and nexus 6 both phone have this funtion. I try using Samsung j7 pro on my friend,mic doesn't work.
    04-26-2018 12:26 PM
  12. Bhavani Sankar1's Avatar
    Recording issues solutions- may work for some people
    If Your recording is slow, weird, voice crack ,, distorted , not connecting headset mic properly. ???
    This may work only if your phone plays old recordings and others Collab is playing fine?
    Then do this
    First try recording without headset , now check that your recording playing fine.
    If it's fine now connect the headset which comes without mic. Don't use inbuilt mic headset. Bluetooth headset set may work , but may delay or slow or stop sometimes while recording. Better use headset which comes without mic. Now ur voice will be received by phone mic.
    Volume level should be below 50 %.
    Now Your voice will work almost good.
    Your phone mic may not receive your voice properly while singing, till software update from ur phone or karaoke software update.
    so your mouth should be little bit close to your phone mic. Sing a bit louder.
    All the best๐Ÿ‘ friends

    02-25-2019 10:51 PM
  13. Bhavani Sankar1's Avatar
    It will work one day as you expected like . Lets Hope for the best
    02-25-2019 11:30 PM
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