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    Ok, I've had a Lumia 920 for several years, and I've decided to give Android a try. I picked up an S7 yesterday, but I'm getting confused/frustrated. I think the majority of my problems are simply finding apps that do what I want, specifically for the big three (mail, calendar, browser). Figured easiest to ask here than spending hours trying a bunch out. I'm used to being able to use a phone one handed, and the plethora of apps on Android seem to require reaching up to the top of the screen or triple tapping the home button to bring it down, which is annoying.

    1) Mail: I've mainly looked at two. The Google Mail client, and the Microsoft one (Outlook). The Google one seems to be fine for most things (can set to sync every 15 minutes with my two primary accounts (Yahoo and Outlook)). But the two things I wish it had was two swipe actions (so for example, in list view swipe one way to delete, and the other to flag or whatnot. Right now it appears to delete either way I swipe). I there a way to change this?
    Outlook solves the above problem, but it appears that the only option is push, as opposed to fetching every 15 minutes. Is there a way to change this?
    Or, third option, is there an email app you would suggest I look at that might do both of the above?

    2) Calendar: I've tried a few of these (Google, Digical, Sunrise). I think an important note is I'm pulling my calendar from Outlook.com.
    My preference is a month view at the top half of the phone with little color coded dots/lines under the date, and then when you select the date you see a list of everything on that list. Digical has this. But for some reason it only shows one of the two calendars I have on Outlook.com (so I have a general, and a bdays; it only shows the general). I think I could fix this by switching to using google.com instead of outlook.com, but I'm not positive. Obviously that would take a bit of work, but I might be willing to do that because I've never been particularly impressed with the outlook.com calendar.
    The one thing I've found annoying on all of them is the time input method with the little spinny clock. I'd much rather be able to just select the box with the time and type it in. Is there a way to change this on any of the apps, or just in the OS in general?

    3) Browser: I've only played with two. Chrome, and what I think is the Samsung one. I don't like the Chrome one because all of the actions require stretching your thumb to reach the top to select the address bar, access the bookmarks, etc. The Samsung one has the address bar at the top, but everything else is at the bottom (much better). Do you know of a browser that has everything at the bottom that works well? I'd also like to use ad blocking if possible. Suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance. I'm sure I'll have more questions down the road.
    03-27-2016 06:46 PM

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