1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi I need some help with this issue. A few days back my Nexus 5X developed a line on the display which appears to be a pixel issue. It's around the top right where it's coming from. It is not physically cracked or anything because once after a few days it fixed itself. But now it came back again.

    I have a feeling it may be a problem with the initial batch? Because my serial number starts with 510 which I believe have some EM charging problem while 511 doesn't. Could it be a batch manufacturing problem?

    It doesn't happen in all screens. But noticeable in places like the Home Screen and YouTube.
    03-28-2016 01:34 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi there and welcome to Android Central.

    Could you please join our community as a member and post a picture of your screen?

    That will help members to assist you further.
    03-28-2016 01:39 AM

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