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    *I purchased a song from Google play that Shazam found. I did not have time look or listen to it at that time.* I should mention that I just changed phones from apple 5 that I had for 3 years.
    2 weeks later.....due to my bad memory. .....I bought the song again. Just after purchasing it for the second time....I decided to play it. Can't find it in my songs already in the Samsung music app. Oh yeah I have a Samsung s5 Active. So I Google where the song is and find out it must be played from Google play* music only. I go looking for the song there and do find it. But it will not play.....error. somewhat irritated and out of research time......I stop looking for the answer. Today with more time I Google again looking for the answer and find and register at android central. And here I am posting the question on why (GPM)...Google play music will not play this song. I went looking for the song now and can not find it at all in GPM. Since I have this ....nonplaying issue. ....I have not downloaded. ...paid for any more music until I can get it working.**** Any help would be appreciated. ....many thanks
    04-16-2016 08:45 AM

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