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    I reset my Jiayu S3 phone to factory settings 2 days back. But after I did that my phone was super slow and would freez/crash and reboot after a couple of minutes. I tried a couple of things but in the end I thought my only option was to flash my phone and start from scratch.

    But because I'm a huge dummy I probably did a lot of stuff way wrong. So now my phone is still in a bootloop (the poor sucker won't give up) and I can't access my recovery anymore. When I do the key combo and launch recovery mode it just tries to boot in normal mode and continues it's bootloop.

    I also can't see my phone when it's connected on my computer. Probably because it's in a continuous boot and it has no time? I'm not sure.

    I hope someone can help, I desperately need it.
    I'd hate to buy a new phone just because of some software malfuction.
    04-16-2016 01:28 PM

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