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    My second gen. Nexus 7 isn't being recognized by either of my windows 7 computers.
    My son's Nexus (1st gen. i think) is identified just fine on both computers.

    The device manager shows it as Unknown Device under Universal Serial Bus Controller. If i double pick on that it says "Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems (Code 43)"
    If i try to Update Driver Software, search web, it says latest driver is installed.
    If i try to pick if from a list of device drivers, there is no Google drivers to pick from.
    ...but i dont think its a computer issue anyway, exact same results on two different computers.

    So i look to the nexus, while it connected to the computer, i thought there was something in Settings - Storage & USB, that let me choose how it was connected
    Mass storage device or something, but i have no such choices there, the three dots at the top only has Help & Feedback.
    Am i missing something ?
    04-23-2016 12:00 PM

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