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    I got a "new" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 inch from my sister who had a friend who works in Samsung who hooked her up. I started to use it and noticed I really just did not like TouchWiz and the Samsung "conviniency apps" were taking up way too much space. I called up my friend who had worked for a company that fixed broken tech and had produced reliable results for peers of mine and asked him for some help. I asked him to root it, take off TouchWiz, and put on stock android, which I assumed he could do since he told me he could.

    He came back to me saying he coulded find stock android(?) and will use a custom preformance rom (which he trusts) to boot the device.

    When I got the tablet back he gave me a receipt for $35 and of course my tablet. I booted it up and already noticed problems. In the notifications bar there are 2 notifications "Software Update" and "SuperSU binary update" also thare were a second set of on screen buttons (along with the soft-touch ones on the device) and the device was running android 4.4.2. Both his custom rom and TouchWiz are now on the device. I assume I should at least try to update SU and see what happens. Every time I try to boot/wake up the device Settings crash, Android crashes and I'm just generally annoyed by the interface. The Wi-fi doesn't so much as turn on so I can't do anything (including trying to update) and I need to fix it or my sister will be disappointed. I tried System Factory Reset which unfortunatelt did not work.

    Next I give it back to my friend who I am sort of angy at this point since he wants to charge me more for the problems he's caused. He asks me for a back-up which I never made (probably should have) and then says he can still fix it. After a month he gives it back to me and says he had flashed his own Samsung S4 back-up onto the device and the Wi-fi works now. I booted it up again and nothing had changed, I doubt he even looked at it at this point and I need a solution. If someone could please walk me through what to do I would be very grateful I just want to be able to use my tablet again.

    (after further examination the custom rom is gone now but it still will not connect to wi-fi and is having all the same problems as before)

    Thank you I would accept any tips.
    05-02-2016 08:09 PM
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    Go to the developer forum for the specific device on XDA Forums and look at the comments about the various ROMs. Pick one and follow the directions for installing it, or if it's installable via Odin, see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN.
    05-02-2016 11:19 PM

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