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    Hello XDA Members,

    I am having a mysterious issue that has been very annoying. I have an EVO Wingle Wifi Device for Internet from PTCL in Pakistan.
    It was working fine a couple days ago, my phone used to connect find to the wifi of the device and I was able to use internet on the phone, but all of a sudden one day, something went wrong.

    Now the issue is that:
    1. The phone can connect to the wifi, and it says "connected" but the device is not pushing the phone an IP anymore, it says "::1" in that place, and also the internet is not working on the phone.
    2. On the devices stats page, I can see all other devices connected to the device, but not the phone. The wifi limit is 5, and I only usually have my laptop connected with it.
    3. I also have tried to use a static IP on the phone like and manually set it on the phone, and the phone still connects to the wifi, and it shows the IP, but still the internet doesn't work and the device doesn't register the phone in it's stats.
    4. All other devices can connected and work fine with the wifi, with the internet working on all of them.
    5. The phone works with any other wifi connection fine, just not with this device.

    I have tried to:
    1. Factory Reset my device, it didn't solve the issue.
    2. Forget WiFi many times on phone, used different passwords, clear settings, etc.
    3. Reset the phone, whitelisting phones MAC address on the device.
    4. Used wifi fix apps from google play without any results.
    But nothing seems to be fixing the issue.

    Now I am at loss, I don't know what to do anymore, can anyone help?

    Device: 9.1 Evo Wingle WiFi Device, PTCL.
    Phone: Samsung S3 Verizon - Running KitKat 4.4 with CustomROM (SUPERLIGHTROM V5) with Safestrap, and rooted phone.
    05-03-2016 01:05 AM

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