1. AC Question's Avatar
    1) everytime that the is power off and power on it wont allow me to use my finger print to unlock the phone I have to use my back up password.

    2) after power on my sd card is always unmounted and remounted and shows in the notification bar.

    3)when I have power saving on i cant use my data to download mail or facebook or internet. and there is gray bar on top with the energy saving sign

    4) I cant use some apps ex: QQ International it will go into the app then a black screen would appear then it crashes.
    05-06-2016 11:40 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    These are all known bugs with 6.0.1 with some phones. You're going to have to "downdate" or wait for the update. (Downdating means backing up ALL your apps and data, then flashing the older ROM, then restoring the backed up data.)
    05-07-2016 12:02 AM

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