Back up android data (on old/current phone) w/o logging in to google acct on old phone

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I need to know is there any way/app/program that I can back up ALL of my stuff on my Motorola g6 Play, without having to specifically use google or my google acct in any way, so I can transfer to my new Motorola G Power...

Backstory & Details quick history...
Jan 2022 my google acct was hacked. Google never sent me notification until after they had already changed my recovery info & put 2-factor, etc. I have tried EVERY thing I've came across to possibly work, to no avail. Google made it very clear they care less if ppl w/an acct 10+ years, who can verify every single detail abbout their acct, get hacked or not, even when there is online visa card $ sitting in the email folders. In fact they roll out the red carpet for the foreigner hackers (apparently wasnt too pro because the hacker forgot to sign me out of all browsers. I jumped on my 2nd pc browser, accessed acct for a few minutes including have a screenshot of what they used as a verification phone, in isreal, the recovery email they changed it to, & more. However when I tried to change my recovery info back, it wanted my new password. About 3 hours later they realized & logged me out.) & dont care to let you into your acct. [sorry for rant - touchy subject, lol]

I never put another google acct on the phone, I just cant sign in my google anywhere. My data is apparently saved locally, because its still on phone just as always.

I just got a new motorola g power for Christmas. Of course since I still havent regained access to my original acct, I know I'll have to use another acct to set it up. HOWEVER, I desperately need to save/transfer all my data from my current phone (with the non-accessible hacked acct) to new one. Obviously cant backup to anything that makes me login my acct.

Is there ANY program or app that would backup everything, & then let me restore it on my new phone w/new google acct???


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It's terrible that you lost your account that way. In the meantime there are several backup apps on the Play Store which means you would have to access your Google account to log in to that and download from there. You could always make a new account log in to that account on your device and then your device would have access to find, download and install from Google Play Store.

It used to be that My Backup Pro was one of the best and most talked about backup apps on the Google market. It saves everything, messages, email, wifi and of course everything else that is backed up normally. It was a paid app with a 3 day, or 3 hour trial, either way it was long enough to do what I needed to and still be in the trial period. Like I said it has been awhile since I've used or looked at this app but there are a hundred more waiting to be tried if you don't like this one.

On a side note it would probably be better to get the new account, sign in on the device, get the app, and backup your stuff. I say this because My Backup Pro offers to save in your cloud storage area and for most of us that is someplace like Google Drive, which again you would need your account for. I'm sure there are other options, perhaps dropbox or your carrier's storage.

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