1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    I'm seeing a very annoying behavior on my Nexus 5X related to contact saving.
    Sometimes, when I save a new contact (including name, phone, email...) I can see the contact is properly saved and visible in my contact list. However, for no apparent reason, after some time, the contact will be unsaved and won't be on the list anymore.

    Any idea why this is happening and how to fix this?
    05-12-2016 03:40 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Save a contact as Google account contact. Sync the phone. Now the contact is also at Google Contacts (and I haven't lost one from there in years).
    05-12-2016 04:02 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Make sure the phone's Contact Sync is turned on and kept on. Go to Settings>Accounts-Google>[your account], and make sure that (a) Contacts sync is switched on, and (b) your overall Auto-Sync is turned on. If you manually turn sync on or off, then I believe there are some instances where the phone will sync your Google contacts in the cloud over to the phone and mistakenly delete the contact you entered, since that contact may not have synced immediately after you entered it.
    05-12-2016 04:16 PM
  4. vikasmahajanz's Avatar
    Same issue is being faced by me many times... my sync is always on... i think whenever we save any new number in google contacts our net should be On to avoid this problem...
    05-13-2016 04:49 AM

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