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    Hey, I'm trying to set up a good battery management on my nexus 6p.

    I've seen that there is an advance setting to keep wifi on always or only when connected. That's good but, when I'm home I don't really need it to be on all the time.

    Basically I want the phone to check wifi on wake, and autoconnect to chosen wifis or just deactivate, and turn of wifi even when connected to home networks and the phone hasn't been used in 10-15 minutes.

    I've tried two apps. Wifi Auto and Smart Wifi Toogler. Didn't get the first one to work, SWToogler is all right.

    The native battery statistics are weird, with 20% battery left, it shows app consuption in the 3-1% ranges and they don't even ad up to 10% where are the other 70%. Anyway, got Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) to check battery stats. I like the profile settings too.

    What do you think about these apps and settings? Are they conflicting? Will they cause battery drain? Should I remove everything and just use Automate Flows?
    05-16-2016 04:23 AM

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