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    I would like to make my phone's screen light up periodically when it's locked and I receive notifications.

    My phone does not have a pulse notification LED and it does not have any other means of showing persistent alerts for notifications when the screen is locked.

    I have sen many apps that replace the default lock screen and generally require a lot of permissions, change the lock screen design, wallpaper, unlocking method and mess up / complicate things unnecessarily in general.

    What I had in mind is a very simple concept but I don't know if it exists or if it is possible, because it may consume too much battery or maybe Android just does not allow it.

    I would like my regular lock screen (which already shows that I have notifications, by the way) to light up for ~1 second every ~1 minute when I have notifications. Ideally that would be customizable somewhere.

    To save battery, if the front camera detects no light (i.e: the phone is in the pocket or turned down) then it would not light up the screen, assuming the camera does not consume more battery than this would.

    Could someone help me find the closest thing to something like that?

    05-19-2016 03:27 PM

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