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    Hi there!

    I absolutely love my S7 edge and since it is $800, I've been looking for a hardcore case like the Otterbox defender. I've settled with the Speck Candy Grip case, which is great.

    BUT...I've noticed that many of the S7 edge cases do NOT protect against certain drops like edge drops. For example, if you drop your phone face down on a table's edge or the stair's edge face-down, I noticed phone cases do not protect the "curved" part of the screen. If it was dropped on a flat surface face down, the curved lip on the top and bottom of the phone case do protect it.

    However, I'm looking for a case with a lip on the sides of the case also! It's so hard to find this kind of case. All the cases that are being sold right now, only protect against corner and face-down drops. None protect against drops that directly come into contact with the phone's curved edges.

    If you have any idea of any high quality cases that protect against drops that may crack the curved screen, please let me know! Other people may need the same help also. I rarely come on forums for help since I'm a google masta' but I regret I've come empty after many weeks of searching.

    05-21-2016 05:32 PM

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