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    Temporarily swapped phone and sim cards (mine cracked & touchscreen was acting up) w/ gf while waiting for replacement. My contacts were all in internal phone storage while hers are linked with social media etc. (I realized that I would have to manually re-enter all my contacts because nothing was saved to cloud)...when new AT&T lg g3 came in I see that all her contacts are now on my sim and my newly created contacts don't appear until I start typing name or number. I would like to delete the majority of her contacts off my device only...will doing so have any affect on her acounts?
    05-23-2016 09:40 PM
  2. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    If they are stored on the SIM it shouldn't. To be safe, instead of deleting them and triggering some weird account thing nobody knows about (hey, it could happen on AT&T) you could just have them give you a new SIM with the same number.
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    05-24-2016 12:44 AM

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