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    I have an S7 Edge that last night the microSD card is not reading. It does not see my pics in the sd card when I'm in the Gallery. Says corrupt SD card when I go into storage. Started when I was online for a while and it felt pretty hot, the screen went black and the phone shut off. I couldn't get it to turn back on for maybe 15-20min. It rebooted and I went to picture gallery and it did not recognize an sd card was in it. Thought all my pics were gone, I was able to put it in an adapter and open the files on my PC and they were all there. lLuckily downloaded all my 800+ pics to my PC. I put the 128GB card back in the phone and says corrupt sd card, and to reformat it.
    So I tried putting the SD card in to my old S3 and it read it fine,. I put an old 65Gb card in the S7 and that read fine. Whats the problem here. Should I just reformat and forget about it? The only reason I don't want to reformat is the 128GB card with all the 800+ pics is saved with that cool feature where it saves the last 3 seconds before the snapshot, which I want to preserve.
    Any ideas why it wont read in the S7 but will read fine in the S3?
    thanks for any input
    06-11-2016 11:02 AM

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