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    So i have s4 gt-i9515 black edition for half an year now and i love it!i didn't have any problems at all,only problem with random restarting,but factory reset fixed it.But a strange problem that can't be fixed even with factory reset is that when i open my apps history and when i press the button to clear them all a random app opens.Even when i clear them manually and then when i open the history again there s one random app there.So i had this problem from very long now (since i updated to android 5,and that was when i got the phone) and i can live with it.But this is very strange i and i am wondering what is causing it.I searched the net and i found nothing.There was only one webpage that said this is a bug from android.Does somebody have the same problem and is it possible to fix it somehow?
    06-12-2016 07:31 AM

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