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    Not sure whether this is a problem with EMUI or True Caller application. But for some reason True Caller is not working as normal in my Honor 7 device. I have got all the settings right both in Settings, Notifications and Permissions of Honor 7. Also the settings in True Caller to notify with pop-up.

    So the issue is...when I get a unknown call the True Caller app pops up the small floating window in the screen and it will keep searching for the person till the call gets completed. But once the call gets disconnected True Caller will show who called with the name details. The idea of True Caller is it should bring the name when we receive the call and not after the call gets completed.

    I don't know whether this is happening in other EMUI devices or just Honor 7 or just me. Kindly let me know whether this is a known error or is it something do with the settings or a True Caller app issue. PLEASE HELP!!

    My Honor 7 is EMUI 4.0 and Andorid version 6.0
    06-15-2016 03:19 AM

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