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    As the subject states, I've got a Motorola 360 V2. I have a Samsung S7 on Verizon and am using Message+ as my texting app. When I get a text message, I get the same notification 3 times to my watch. Literally if I have a friend text me, and I'm holding the watch, a text comes in - I clear it. It comes in again - I clear it. Then a third time.

    Note: If I let all 3 "notifications" come through, I only have to clear it once. It does not show as three messages on the watch.

    Some background, which I believe is somehow strangely related.

    When I first got the watch it was on a Samsung S6. With that phone I got a single notification. Then I got an S7, which is when it began getting two notifications. Recently, I had to have the S7 replaced (with a new S7) due to issues it had with reading SIM cards. Now I'm getting three notifications per, with the third phone. Maybe it's related?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    06-20-2016 05:06 PM

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