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    I have a samsung s5 and have recently updated it and since then there have been a few changes that I just can't work around!!
    Just wondering if anyone could help me. The documents that I download to my phone only seem to open with Dropbox. I hate that app as is it, I find it of no benefit to me.
    I used to be able to change default settings? i.e. what I open videos with, photos with etc, however it no longer gives me the option to be able to open my documents on PDF or Docs?

    Another question was how come there are limited options now when I want to share media? I understand that its meant to be easier as there are a few of your recent contacts handy... But it just means I can't open my images directly to an app - aside from the ones that are already there.

    I have to open my photo apps and THEN select an image. It's very annoying!
    06-26-2016 06:20 AM

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