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    All the 5 ratings of my android app were removed at once from the play store. There has been no action from the play store till now, its been almost 48 hours. I know google play store remove some reviews and ratings if it seems suspicious. But all the 5 ratings at once? Also, there are many people in my family and friend circle who are using my app daily since past 2-3 months without any issue. Also, the statistics of my only two applications has not been updated for the past 4 days. Earlier when I first uploaded my applications 2-3 months back, I used to get the statistics update daily for just 3-4 weeks. Then it got delayed to 48 hours update, and the daily updates never came. After 1 week it got delayed again to 3 days since 20 days back. And now 4 days. I have mailed them regarding the removal of 5 ratings, no response. And for statistic update also, I have mailed them several times, they only update the statistic only when I report them, after that there will be no update the following 3 days. The main concern now is the removal of all the 5 stars at once. My app rating is showing 3 in the play store now. This is affecting a lot in the current and future users. Does anyone know how to solve the issues or how can I escalate the issue to play store developers?
    07-09-2016 02:23 AM

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