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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to buy my nephews a phone each without breaking the bank, as they have exam results due soon. They aren't power users, so I thought the new Moto G4 is a good price with decent specs for what they'd need. The default version of the G4 comes with 16GB memory and 2GB ram, with a micro SD slot. I've heard that you can only run Android apps from the phone's built-in memory, is this still true?

    I'm aware there may be options to load apps from memory cards, but I want to avoid any complicated procedures, easiest option would be if you could just load them off your SD card without any hassle of extra apps/special tinkering.

    07-10-2016 10:02 AM
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    In my view, for regular use 16gb is enough and the standard G4 with 2gb of ram is a great value day to day device. I am using an 8gb Moto G1 temporarily and I can JUST hold enough apps for my needs if I make space occasionally. However, unlike the latest G4 mine is painfully slow.

    That being said, kids unfortunately at times will be kids and will want to load large games.

    Up to now moving portions of some apps to the sd card has not been a panacea.

    With Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the Moto G4, Motorola allows adoptive storage, so expanding with a decent! sd card can expand the internal storage if so chosen.

    They could buy / use a current sd card as external storage for media for now, but when if internal storage is getting to a crunch, the sd card can be wiped and used as adoptive storage in Settings.

    Beware it's far better to buy a new high speed medium capacity card from SanDisk or Samsung for this (UHS 3 or UHS 1, rather than a cheaper larger capacity card) as older cards are not ideally suited for read and write speeds and can be rejected.

    So buy them a lovely G4 each, they will be thrilled, and let them upgrade to a high class sd card when/if they really need to.

    Also there are a few other recommended devices in that range, but I think none have more than 16gb iirc.

    Also a G4 with 32gb I think is available in some regions, and two sizes (16/32) of the G4 Plus with better camera hardware, finger print sensor and a fast charger in the box.
    The standard 16gb G4 hits the sweet spot though and makes most sense imv.

    07-10-2016 10:46 AM

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