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    I am using a LG K10 phone, first used and received in May of this year.
    In singular conversations, messaging is smooth and everything is fine. However, in group conversations, I am constantly having to download 1KB files to actually view the messages.
    What normally happens is that someone in the chat would send a message, and I would receive a notification and message in the individual conversation thread held with that specific contact rather than the group conversation, giving me the option to download an MMS file. I would then have to download the 1KB MMS file that has appeared. Once the file finishes downloading, it disappears and the message appears in the group chat. At times, the messages go through to me well.
    Additionally, when I am required to download MULTIPLE messages, they tend to appear in the order they finish downloading. This means the the messages are out of chronological order.
    I do have auto-retrieve on and I have tried turning Wi-Fi calling off.
    07-12-2016 09:10 PM

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