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    I just got a Doogee X5 Pro and a new micro sd card. I installed Battery Percentage Enabler and restarted my phone as it told me to. When it rebooted, I noticed the app icons for apps on my sd card were gone from my folders, and they didn't reappear after waiting. I tried putting the icons back, but they looked different. The icons being smaller, and seemingly inside a bubble. I moved a non-sd card app and found the icon then changed with that too. I uninstalled Battery Percentage Enabler and rebooted. Sd apps were gone again, and the icons were the same. reinstalling an app and rebooting seemed to change the icon back though, but moving icons continued to change them. I tried removing the battery to no effect. I can move the apps to internal storage fine, but am concerned about the icons. Any thoughts?
    07-15-2016 03:55 PM

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