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    Every time I plug my phone into my computer it either says Hardware ID Missing or Drivers not installed successfully and says reason is because the device was removed. Whenever I plug it in i hear the noise that it makes and then it makes the noise like i unplugged it about 5 seconds later. I tried it on a different PC and the same thing happened except for the unplugging noise was like 2 times every second like it was being plugged in and unplugged repeatedly. I have tried with 5 different cables. One was the original it came with. My phone charges perfectly fine with it plugged in and I havent had this issue until today. I havent changed anything or updated anything. I even system restored my phone and PC and still nothing. So I'm not quite sure what to do now this is pretty frustrating. Help.
    07-25-2016 11:17 PM
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    USB cables can have power lines, or power and data lines. The cable that came with your phone should have both power and data lines. USB cables that don't have data lines will never allow your device to show up on your computer.

    If your computer is giving you the unplugging/plugging in noise constantly, then it's either a bad cable, a bad USB port on the phone, or a bad USB port on the PC. Since it's happening on more than one computer, then its a toss up with a possible bad cable or bad phone USB port. Hard to tell at this point.

    Do you have any problems using any of your cables to plug something else in that could test the data lines of the cables? Something like another phone, or mp3 player? Do you have an OTG cable that would allow you to plug in a SD card reader, or a direct connecting SD card reader, to see if an SD can be used to read and transfer data?

    Many people are rough with their phone when pulling out the USB cable and the port connector can get damaged... it's just a thin circuit board. It might be your phone's USB port, but again very hard to tell.
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    07-26-2016 02:02 AM

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