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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime that has Android version 5.1.1
    Before anyone does this,
    Please do not suggest me to purchase a new phone. Unless you're going to supply the money for such.

    Now, my phone just had an update today. I am not quite sure what versions of what I had before this update, I never really bothered to look.

    Before this update, I either do not recall the unlock screen having a vibration on/off feature, or it had one and I promptly disabled it because I hate it (I think it's called haptic...?)

    Now, with this new update, my phone vibrates when I unlock it. I hate this. I HATE THIS and I am ticked that it's forced on me with no apparent way to shut it off.
    I have done everything I can. Suggesting me to go to sound and notifications and turning vibrate off, please don't do it. I've done this. There is NO option to disable vibration on unlocking. ANYWHERE...that I can immediately find. I have even googled a solution and found nothing, or the information I have found is out of date 2+ years.

    I want this crap disabled. I literally want to take a hammer to my phone because of this forced vibration crap.

    Does anyone have a solution? Perhaps a SAFE app to download that removes it? (god forbid I have to do that..thanks android...) Or a setting that's buried deep somewhere that I can't just easily find (thanks again android for hiding it?)

    I appreciate logical and legit help.
    07-29-2016 01:58 PM

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