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    Searched here and Google in vane for a week!....all that comes up is "text interruption while playing music". I did do a factory reset/reboot about 2 months ago. Problem occurred after that.
    My problem....While composing a text an incoming text will completely interrupt what Im doing. The alert screen drops down over what I doing (will recede back up) and blows the key board away. I have to tap the screen to bring back the keyboard. And If I dont acknowledge the dam thing repeats this until I acknowledge the new text. QUITE ANNOYING! Anyone have the fix to stop this besides taking the phone for a swim in the pool? And please spoon feed this as Im a dummy. I've had this phone 3 years and still have not mastered it as it does something new each time something upgrades...etc
    08-02-2016 12:09 PM

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