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    I'm using a galaxy s5, upgraded os to marshmallow a few months back (when it first came out) on android 6.0.1 ... this issue has been happening from around this time and happens on random occasions. Say I'm connected to my home WiFi and i leave and get in the car and drive off, I check my phone 20 mins later and the WiFi symbol is still in the status bar but with no signal. I click into wifi setting and it says I'm till connected to my home WiFi.. this also happens with work wifi..
    Anyone else experiencing similar issue or know a fix? If you need more info let me know..

    Thanks in advance
    08-15-2016 05:16 PM
  2. mikeloux70's Avatar
    Hey, Tom. Did you ever get an answer to this question?

    I recently had AT&T U-Verse change my router out on me, with a new SSID, and ever since they did, I have been randomly experiencing this problem as well. Connects when I power up my phone in the morning (Samsung Galaxy S5, AT&T, Marshmallow), and then when I get to work (which is WELL out of range of my router, like 5 miles or so), I notice that it is still "connected" to my home router (but of course it's not, so I don't receive any new notifications or anything). Manually connecting to the router here at work does it, but it's annoying AF.

    Googled, and found your question...but no solutions. Any luck?
    10-04-2016 11:31 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    The phone is defective, obviously - but that condition isn't covered by the warranty (although an AT&T Device Support Center may reflash the last ROM update [without modifying any of your files - although the phone should always be backed up] - which should fix the problem).
    10-04-2016 03:21 PM

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