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    Edit: The correct title for this should be "Server error". That's the message I get in the notification.

    Starting a few weeks ago, my stock Marshmallow ROM Sprint Note 4 has started notifying me when it notices the server is unavailable. It shows my gmail address, but I'm not sure that it's Gmail displaying the notification. It may be the system.

    The sound it plays is a loud bell ring, like a bicycle bell. It is pretty disruptive. And, I don't need this brought desperately to my attention, because it usually clears itself up after a few minutes.

    What's worse. I just purchased an Android car stereo, running 5.1 Lollipop, and it's doing the same thing. The bell ring on that is MUCH louder than the music, and startles me while I drive. Needless to say, I would prefer that it wouldn't do that.

    While I find the notification a little annoying, I wouldn't mind it if it didn't scream at me. I'd be okay with just a little "tok" sound.

    I've spelunked around a little. I've done some web searches. I haven't found any discussions of this.

    Does anyone know where I can change this sound?

    Later: It does appear to be the stock email app that is doing this. I long-pressed on the notification. Is there any way to turn this specific notification off? Or, change the sound it's pointing to?

    Drake Christensen
    08-21-2016 03:32 AM
  2. Mighty's Avatar

    Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Did I miss something obvious?

    08-31-2016 01:53 AM
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    I'm pretty disappointed that nobody responded to this.

    I found a few threads about this. They pointed me at the Postman sound as the culprit.

    I tried renaming the sound. But mine is in a system area. So, I can see it, but I don't have permissions to rename it. (Not rooted.) One thing I noticed. The sound on mine was named S_Postman.ogg.

    When I would go in through the app drawer to the Gmail app, it didn't show that it was pointing at the S_Postman sound.

    Eventually, I tapped on the notification itself. That brought up what looks like the Gmail app, except that it's skinned. The blue/turquoise color scheme makes me think that it's a Samsung version. From there, I was able to go into the settings and change it away from the postman sound.

    So much nicer.

    09-10-2016 11:49 AM

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