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    I have just recently received the Galaxy Note 7. This is my first android phone - moved from Windows Mobile recently.

    I ordered the phone online on a contract with EE. To my surprise when I received the phone it was not carrier locked. I have tested it on O2 and 3 sim and it works perfectly. It also doesn't have any EE software on it pre-installed.

    Suddenly I have started receiving this notification "Service provider software update" wanting me to update "my galaxy" app. When I look at the details it appears to be the firmware update from the carrier.
    I am worried that if I install it, it will lock my phone to the EE Network and I won't be able to use it on other networks.

    My question is should I update and install the service provider software update? If I should not, how will I receive further android updates?

    08-31-2016 01:41 PM

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