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    An auto back up app puts each pic I take on my S5 to my computer, but....now how do I get it off of that cloud thing and unto my computer with the rest of my pictures?
    I don't even remember the name of the app I am using and am so frustrated trying to find it on my phone and on my pc. The pictures are accessible through this little box-type place on Windows 10 interface but I don't even know what that is called. I'm an older person who is having a hard time understand a lot of things that I used to understand and this one baffles me to tears. I already deleted the pix off my phone because I saw that they had indeed transferred to the pc. I can edit them through this app on Windows 10 where they ended up but no place to rename them either. I'm glad they aren't lost completely but I also can't seem to transfer them.
    09-07-2016 05:18 PM
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    Hello. You might be using One Drive (by Microsoft) if you use the "Photos" window on the desktop. There is a One Drive app for your phone.]

    Google Photos is usually accessible via a shortcut on the Chrome web browser for PC, and most Android devices have a default setting to back up to the (Google) Photos app, or Google's Drive app (full cloud storage) can access your (Google) Photos as well, iirc.

    I use One Drive,
    AND Photos,
    AND Dropbox, which is very good between Android and pc - mostly for pc screenshots (press Print Screen and your computer image is saved).

    Try pressing the bottom left window icon on the pc, then All Apps then One Drive, or the other cloud apps.

    You would need to register a username to respond and get better advice from others as you go along.

    ADDED: tap Settings in Windows photos for the different storage locations for all images. Right click an open image - File Info to see where its stored.
    09-07-2016 06:07 PM

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