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    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this particular question but I assume my problem is more android specific than model specific. I have an Atrix HD which gets stuck on the AT&T logo when booting. It had been acting up for a little while before it did this. Just about any app I would try to open would either not open at all or it would start to open and then pop right back to the home screen. I would have to restart the phone to get an app to open, but they would still be unstable and not work for long.

    I have researched for hours on end over the past week and tried just about everything I could. One of the problems is I'm a complete noob when it comes to tinkering with Android. The phone is not rooted and the bootloader I assume is locked since I haven't played with anything. Stock ROM running 4.1.1. I added very few apps on the phone maybe 3-4 over the 3 years I've had it. I have wiped the cache and have done the factory reset from recovery, but still no luck.

    I have tried to use RSD Lite and Minimal ADB and Fastboot to see if I could download the stock ROM online and then use one of those to push it to the phone, but the phone doesn't appear in the device window in RSD Lite, and when I type "adb devices" at the CMD prompt in ADB the list of devices attached is empty unless I choose the option in recovery to "apply update using ADB" in which case it says "TA2490D74Q sideload".

    I don't know if USB debugging is enabled. I don't remember going into the developer options and doing so myself. Is there a way to tell through either recovery or fastboot?

    I have seen countless websites online say that phones stuck in bootloops are considered "soft bricked" and for the most part should be fixable, but for someone whose phone is not rooted, and bootloader not unlocked, is that really the case? I am long overdue for an upgrade, and ordinarily would just do that, but the problem is I am currently out of the U.S. and phones where I am now are ridiculously priced compared to the U.S. so I would prefer it if I could at least fix this phone until I can get back and get a new one.

    Sorry for the length. I wanted to add as much useful info as I could.
    09-08-2016 07:43 AM

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