1. tanna1003's Avatar
    Hey guys, i have a galaxy s7 edge and the power button will not work. i have tried all the little tricks online that i could find and it still isn't working. it finally had a screen come up that said recovery mode. it gave me the option to click a few things, but i can't click any of them due to the power button not working. someone please help me solve this problem.
    09-13-2016 10:27 AM
  2. anon(9983233)'s Avatar
    Q: Is there a cover/case on this device?.. if so remove the cover/case and try again.. if the cover/case has been on the phone for a very long time and has seen some wear.. the molded button extensions can become dirty or deformed and not rest correctly on the phones power and volume controls.. which is why I need you to remove the cover or case as the case maybe.
    09-13-2016 10:40 AM

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